Agent Pea is an secret agent Peashooter. He is sneaky and has a deadly 30. Pea Caliber mouth.

Personality and Traits

Agent Pea is friendly and competitive when near friends, but its very cold near enemies, showing no mercy and killing them. He likes gaming and has PeaS4 in his house.



Agent pea is an enemy of WinterMagnet. he hates him a lot and is secretly preparing aplan to kill WinterMagnet.


In contrast of his bad relation with Winter Magnet, Agent Pea is a close friend of Magnet-Shroom.


He, unlike many, accept Carp who he is and is a friend of Carp.


He is an enemy of Futurita and he nearly killed her, only to be stopped by an spike of Cocoa.


He is a friend of Crystal. they dont interact much but they are nice to each other and go along well.

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