Aris is an Alien Flower specialized in magic. Her power is tremendous, and supposedly she could weaken WMag significantly alone and with help, defeat him well enough. She is designed to be a healer and offensive spell-caster for groups. In abttles, her disadvantage is low health and being non-adapt with any armor. She appears in battle and RPGs RPs.

Spells (Offensive)

Kicking butts is one of Aris specialities.


Inferno is a very powerful fire-based spell. She uses this spell primarily with WInterMagnet and other ice-based enemies.


Blizzard is a very powerful ice-based spell. She uses this spell primarily against fire variants, and has the uniqueness of killing Fire Peas instantly.


Storm is an very powerful thunder-based spell. She uses this spell against robots.


Atma is a very powerful non-elemental spell. She uses this against everything, and spams it against non-elemental characters.

Atma II

Atma II is Aris most powerful spell. She can kill the majority of character with only one-use, but is the only spell Aris cant use freely, since this tires her after casting.


Dark is an extremely powerful dark-elemented spell. This spells deals a bit less damage than Atma II and blinds enemies.

Spells (Heal)

In addition for being an powerful spell-caster, she is a very adapt-healer.


An generic Cure spell, her one is very powerful and restores an teammate or herself health completely.


One of Aris true OP spells, Life revives all her teammates. It can be used without anyone being dead, and when they die, theyll automatically revive.


Regenerates 300 health per turn to allies. This only is present on RPGs.

Spells (Support)

Buffing, and de-buffing. These work well.


Makes herself and teammatesresisant to all types of damage.


One of Aris true powers. This makes any insta-kill attack, independently if it is "OP" non-functional. This spell is extremely problematic to plants who attack grows gradually, like WMag or insta-kill attacks.


This chooses one element to the group be immune. Very problematic if character is based on a sole element. obviously dont work with non-elemental.

(Passive) NulOP

An passive for her and a cast-able spell for friends, makes the OP attacks, like putting the character into 1 health, permanent paralyisis, insta-revive characters ineffective.


Makes the next spell drain the power of the enemy,


Makes the characters immune to physical-attacks.


Physical attacks of friends are two times more powerful.

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