Armada Campaign? What's this? It's not an RP actually.

What is it then?

Well, how this works is players can enter a set part of the campaign.

This revolves around battling, not RPing!

Long story short, you'll fight a series of stuff in whatever is in the campaign part is chosen. It'll have a location and stuff.

Your job is to just get one of your RP characters (nothing OP!) and survive. I hate to suggest this, but teamwork is probably advised! This stuff is not easy!

After each round you regain 1/10th of your character's current HP. Limited-time use attacks do not however, use them wisely! If you lose all allowed characters you're out.

Why would you want to effectively join some deathmatch you may ask? For the glory of non-existant prizes that would be cool if they were real!

Any weather changes persist through rounds. Up until it's changed again or the section ends somehow.

The only rules are:

1. No attacking teammembers! You're supposed to die by my hands!

2. No revives.

Campaign section: Basis

Terrain: A large battle arena, the ground is almost entirely dirt and the rest is rock. There is a lot of space to move and no obstacles/traps/whatever. A calm, sunny weather.

Conditions: 2 characters per person, 1 can be active at a moment.

Round 1: Crystal Shard

Round 2: Impact Builder This version is modified, it deals 10 damage per hit instead of 6, has 4x health, 2x speed and it applies poison that does 5 damage per turn for 2 turns after getting hit. Oh, and the debuff doesn't apply. So it's basically a fast and deadly zombie.

Round 3: Spiked Core

Round 4: Armoured Crystal Shard

Round 5 (mini-boss): Assault Guard

Round 6: Missile Attacker

Round 7: Toxic Burden This version does 3x damage! It also has 950 health compared to the normal 550.

Round 8: ???

Round 9: Electro Morph

Round 10 (mini-boss): Electro Guardian

Round 11: 2x Crystal Shard

Round 12: Rattling Terror

Round 13: Dark Beast

Round 14: Ghost Bleeder

Round 15 (boss): Ice Storm

It will most likely stay at 15 rounds but there still will probably be re-balances.

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Link to the blog containing details


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