This isn't a character! It's simply a unit used by zombie forces whenever it's needed.

It's encountered in the Armada Campaign.


What've the zombies made now?!

The Assault Guard is a floating warship like it's larger cousin, the Electro Guardian.

This carries 3 Machineguns on each side and a shield generator on the front.

Speed: Moderate.

Health: 1100.

Damage resist: 5%

Machine guns

Each of these fire very fast but they don't do so much damage individually.

All 6 fire when used. Usually only 3 will be able to hit the target.

The shots move very fast, they're quite accurate and they deal 3 or so damage.

Each machinegun fires 5 shots per attack.

Shield Generator

The shield covers pretty much the entire front of the vessel, it has 700 health and cuts the damage of all attacks that get through by 50%!

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