Autumn Melon is a melon who likes Autumn very much. He is colored like olds leaves in this seasons. He is owned by The M.E.O.W. King.

Autumn melon
He have tendancy to be sarcastic and depressive sometime.

He is normally kind and affective.

He occupies the second living area of the blimp.


Melon Lob :

Lob a melon at his opponent.

Leaf Throw :

Throw a pack of leaves at his targets, covering it with leaves.

Plant Food Ability :

Launches Melons and Leaves at every bad guy in a 25 meter radius.

Friends, Affiliations

He likes Spring Melon much, and he is allied with the Cat Kingdom, and the M.E.O.W. King.

His ennemies are :


Ennemies of the Cat Kingdoms


His biggest fear is to turn into a Boot-Leg.

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