Bamboo Drill is a plant owned by SCI.


Bamboo Drill is certainly daring. He can keep his ground, and very good at destroying things. He is actually very fun, but actually more silent (although he can be very loud half the time) than most people. He is also a very rebel-like type. He will show his laid-back side often.


  • Helping construction work
  • Leading "good" rebels
  • Drilling
  • Truth or Dare



  • Ice Crystal Shooter, Very similar and agree on tons of things.
  • Heavenly Peach, Bamboo Drill hires Heavenly Peach to heal his friends often.
  • Walnut Bomb, Helps Bamboo Drill to destroy things when needed.


  • Coconut Cannon, Has some disagreements and arguments, but just okay.


  • Jalapeno, Bamboo Drill hates Jalapeno's guts.


  • Lord Bamboo, Grandfather


  • Bamboo Drill is really just PvZ2 China's Bamboo Shoot.
    • It was named Bamboo Drill because Bamboo Shoot was taken.
  • Bamboo Drill hates being mistaken as a pervert, even though he is not.

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