Bamboo Shoot
Bamboo SHoot2




Plant, Bamboo


Tap to fire many missiles on screen.


Plants VS. Zombies: Dimension Suspension, Plants VS. Zombies Adventures, Plants VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare


Homeowner Crazy Dave, Penny, Plant Food, Plants,


Boot-legs, The Booters, Zombies, Dr. Zomboss


Made by: CF3

Bamboo Shoot is Citron's plant. Bamboo Shoot is from Plants VS. Zombies: Dimension Suspension unlocked in the Dimension Expedition, He is also unlocked in Plants VS. Zombies Adventures in the Grey Matter Gardens. Bamboo Shoot is also a potted plant in both Garden Warfare games. Bamboo Shoot fires many bamboo missiles at random places when tapped.


Bamboo Shoot looks like a bamboo cannon with leaves. He has eyebrows and cranky face. Bamboo Shoot also has lots of dirt clumps under him. Bamboo Shoot looks pretty much the same in every single game he appears in. Bamboo Shoot has a brother that is called Bamboom.


Bamboo Shoot is a war machine and LOVES fighting. He will take any chance he has to fire off his explosive missiles. He is usually cranky when not fighting though. Him and his brother Bamboom don't get along to well as Bamboom will tend to brag that hes better then Bamboo Shoot.


Bamboo Shoot can fire many missiles on screen when tapped, but has to reload after. Bamboo Shoot's cost a lot of sun but is powerful. Bamboo Shoots are plants that should be planted near the back rows, similar to Winter Melon and Nitron.

Plant Food ability

When Bamboo Shoot uses his plant food effect, he will fire a HUGE bamboo missile that will destroy any zombie currently on the screen. Bamboo Shoot's plant food is recommended to use if your in tight situations or if your about to die. It's also recommended to use if there are a lot of tough zombies on screen.


Bamboo Shoot has a few friends due to him usually being cranky. Bamboo Shoot is decent friends with Beamflower due to them being friends when they were younger. Bamboo Shoot also has a good relationship with Icecone and Bloomberry. Hes good friends with the group that participated in PvZ: Infection, which are Shade Flower, Charm, Bloomberry, Violetage and Nitron.


Bamboo Shoot enjoys doing target practices and going on many garden variety battles. Being a potted plant in PVZ GW, Bamboo Shoot enjoys the comfort of pots. He often spends his time in there during many battles that require to move around.


  • Bamboo Shoot enjoys pots unlike other plants.
  • Bamboo Shoot is in four games


Bamboo Shoot
Full Board
Bamboo Shoot's fire bamboo missiles when tapped.
Special: Will go to random area on the lawn.
As a plant who enjoys battling zombies in pots, Bamboo Shoot is seen battling zombies quite often on the field where plants somehow move. Oh, he could tell you some stories. One time, whoa. It was nuts. You should have seen it.



  • "Bambooza!"
  • "Pots? Yes... yes they are quite comfortable."
  • "Bamboom... I could tell you stories about that one."
  • "I'm not crazy! I've seen the walking plants!"
  • "Wait... You can walk? I can't! This is so unfair!!"

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