This is WMag's charcater. Bamboom is an OP plant that does strong punches. He has 1 brother - Bamboo Shoot. He has a lot of relatives - Cob Cannon, Kernel-pult, Cabbage-pult, Melon-pult, and Winter Melon. He is from the pult family

Friends : Pults (relatives), Imp

Enemies : Catapult Zombie, Snow Pea, Flaming Pea and Carp.


  • Giant spikeball! Fires a strong spikeball that destroys all zombies (except gigas and bosses)
  • Spikeball : Generic attack that deals 16nds.
  • Nuclear Bomb : Makes 13 zombies COMPLETELY DIE
  • IT'S OVER 180! : Shoots 180 spikeball


  • Hears cool music (Mega Man Series)
  • Likes Pepper and stuff!


  • He has got an incorrect mail from snow pea. Starfruit has shared him. (See more at Flaming Pea)
  • He got a car by defeating the ultimate king of greece giga-gargantuar.