Background information
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Character information
Full name Angeles "Stabby" Bandito
Other names The Bandit, Mr. Stabby
Age Unknown
Occupation Mexican assassin
Home Cactus Canyon
Allies No one
Enemies Anyone he's hired to kill
Likes Killing people, being hired to kill, money
Dislikes When he fails a kill, cold temperature
Powers and abilities Can become invisible at any time
Quote "I am.... The Bandit!"

Bandito is an assassin who originates from Mexico. He is usually hired by other people to kill a certain person. He is good at his job, and usually never loses his kill. He's just a normal cactus who wears a weird cowboy hat, a poncho, and a scarf around his mouth.


Bandito is not a friendly cactus. Although he isn't a member of the Cactus Squad, he is still a heartless, coldblooded cactus. He scares lots of people due to them thinking they'll be wanted. He speaks in a Mexican accent that sounds serious. Secretly, he is Future Cactus and Sniper's brother. Even then, he has tried killing them over and over again due to being hired to kill them.

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