One of IMCR8Z's characters. An evil Zombie/Vampire hybrid that was created when Dr. Zomboss used the Zombinomicon's "forbidden spell".


During his life, Baron Von Bats was a high-ranking gentleman that lived during the Golden Age of Zombie Piracy. In the year 1654, a group of pirates nicknamed by zombie historians as "VamPirates" raided his mansion on what would later become the home of the Mega Flower. He was bitten by one and became a vampire, naturally.

However, due to his high-ranked status, the villagers of his town took revenge on him by, what else, sending a stake through his heart. He died instantly.

Years later, a group of Wizards who were living deep underground (due to an event known as the "Magic Purge" in 949, in which the King of the land ordered that all magic-users to receive a death sentence) wrote the Zombinomicon, which Dr. Zomboss later stole, in an attempt to resurrect Baron Von Bats.

Several more years later, Dr. Zomboss had discovered a new spell in the Zombinomicon, called "Baronus Vonus Batus". Determined to know what it did, he chanted the spell. The Zombinomicon tryed to warn Zomboss about it's power, but he did not listen, and Baron Von Bats rose from his grave, which was built right under Zomboss Industries. Now Baron Von Bats assits Dr. Zomboss in his evil plans.

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