The Beam Cruiser 222 is a very large Cruiser tier ship that has 6 weapon slots and a built-in heavy beam weapon.

This Cruiser also carries 2 missile slots.

The built in heavy beam weapon is capable of massive damage to everything in its path.

Heavy Beam Stats

Durability: 2,120,500.

Rate of Fire: Constant.

Damage: 40,000,000.

Weight : High.

Weapon tier: tier 5.

Armour capacity: Advanced, tier 4.

MISC mod capacity: Advanced, tier 4.

Cruiser Stats

Health: 10008.0

Speed: Good

Evade: Good

Weight capacity: Huge

Defence: Huge

Size Class: 4.1

Weapon capacity: 6 tier 3s

Missile capacity: 2 tier 3s

Armour capacity: Advanced, tier 4.

Passenger capacity: 10 to 20

MISC mod capacity: Advanced, tier 4

Shield capacity: 1, tier 1 and 1, tier 4

Price (N/A): Unknown

*This's before applying armour.

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