Beeshooter is DeathZombi's main character in Plantwood High. A solitary and serious plant, he is friends with the gang.

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Beeshooter is a mature plant, and rarely takes things lightly as he is diligent and knowledgeful. This also goes with his dress attire as he is always spick and span, wears neat clothing (like collared shirts and dress shirts) but this is not all the time. In his spare time he does wear casual clothes. At first it may be a little to hard to bond with him, he loosens up silightly and can be fast friends.  


Beeshooter is able to make pure honey due to his nature and can control bees as he is like their "king" and is able to shift them into hives and such. Despite this, Beeshooter is flightless and must rely on bees to carry him if needed. And like a real life bee, if Beeshooter gets soaked, he is powerless as he can't control bees and his stinger is diluted of poison to defend himself. Exceptions is if he drinks water but he can only have so much water in him at a time that doesnt make him weak. 


Most of the time, Beeshooter tends to work a lot as his reasons is that he wants to earn sun so he can build a life ahead of himself as he doesn't want in his words " Life so screwed up you can't even enjoy one second of it".  Despite that, Beeshooter loves videogames and always takes his 3DS with him at all times as there can be a moment where he wants to take it out and play with it. As for TV shows, he isn't that much of an otaku but his favorite type of shows are dramas, crime and detective shows. 

Outside, Beeshooter isn't that much of a sports fanatic but his favorite sport has to be basketball. He always competes with Sunflower but most of the time, Sunflower will always edge him due to her being blessed at sports. 

Beeshooter is obsessed with gemology and mining, as he always get excited when he digs and finds crystals and gems.

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