Scaredy signature weapon, the Beretta is a handgun who holds 15 spores. Its semi-automatic and has a medium-low stopping power. Its uniqueness from other handgun is that the bullet dont fall over large distances neither lose most of the damage, and can be attached to a silencer. This features make the Beretta an optimal Handgun for taking out any enemy at a medium-long distance and if with siliencer, sneakily. Obviously, it can be used by other plants that arent mushrooms, at the cost of having to buy ammo.

BERETTA - 50.000$

CLIP (15 shots clip for Beretta) - 1000$

SPORE - 100$

SILENCER - 25.000$

The Beretta 92FSpore can be bought in Scaredy Twiddydinkies for a medium price.

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