Bonked is a game show where 4 plants fight to the death to win a Zen Garden no zombie could dream of. Your host, Bonkers the Bonk Choy will be judging if you stay in, or stay out.


  • Be Awesome
  • Have Fun
  • No Darn Cheating
  • Have Fun, wait did I say that twice
  • No role jumping or I will contact the Admins.
  • No stealing others plants or changing halfway through if you are in the roleplay.
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Bonkers - Puffy Shroom

WinterMagnet - WinterMagnet

Any Bootleg - IdemSplix

Slot Open

Slot Open

Starting Round

Bonkers - Welcome Bonked participants. As you may already know, 3 of you will leave this place without the beautiful Zen Garden. But don't worry, all of you have a chance. 1st Round! You will all be put on your own 1 hour water slide, they intersect, 7 times actually, so use those times to knock the others in the water. The first one to be knock of is the first to be Bonked!

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