Boot-Leg Oopsy-Daisy is the Boot-Leg version of Oopsy-Daisy.

This plant is owned by S.O.A.P. Games. You can play as this character, as long as S.O.A.P. Games not playing her role.
Boot-Leg Oopsy-Daisy

Attacks & Abilities

Rules are the same as Oopsy-Daisy's with leveling up. Has 300 health. If any attacks say 'user must specifiy # of -----', the user must pick a RANDOM number, not the number the user wants.

Beginner's Attack: Spikey Bounce Flowers

shoots three spikey flowers that'll bounce off multiple attackers.

Damage: 50 (per flower)

Minor Attack I: Mega Spike

shoots an even larger spike flower, dealing more damage.

Damage: 100

Minor Ability I: Re-boot

gets all Boot-legs healed and attack x2 for 10 messages.

Special Attack!

Who knows what might happen? Something random, that's what.

Random Abilites: Trolled plant, kinda OP poison, laughing gas, explosion (does nothing, just a hologram but it can acciendentally scare soft plants like Rosemerry) and other stuff.

Minor Attack II: Suprise!

When the plant is brought into play, the user using her has a 75% chance to immobilse most enemy plants.

Immobilsation length: 20 messages for busy chat, 4 messages for slow chat.

Other attacks' bonus: +10-15, user bringing this plant into RP must specifiy if chance works.

Major Attack I: F CK, all I need is U.

Maybe an OP attack, but spares at least one enemy. Attack all of its enemy plants (in case he/she is doing boot-legs as well) a random user is using in an RP.

Attack damage: 100-150 (if the player using this attack, he/she must specifiy what the damage is dealing). If all the user's plants in an RP are below this, one won't be KO'd.

Major Attack II: Major Attack II

Creates infinite loops so bad that plants like Rosemerry (not including Boot-legs) get damaged. How does that work? It's how plants like Rosemerry get damage from infinite loops that are that bad...

Damage: 5 HP per message

Duration: 10-20 messages, usually 15.

Major Ability I: "You said robots couldn't evolve, right?"

Gets all Boot-legs x2 normal health, attack damage tripled and enemies that attack this plant have a 10% chance to be poisoned.

Poison length/damage: 6 per message for 10 messages by the user using this plant, or 10-20 other users' messages.

x2 normal health effect length: 10 messages or until at or under regular health.

x3 attack damage effect length: 5-10 messages.

Special Attack Effects

I will type them up later, possibly even tomorrow.

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