Boot-Leg Rosemerry is the boot-leg version of Rosemerry.

This plant is owned by S.O.A.P. Games. He might use it in chat. If he hasn't said that he is, feel free to be Boot-Leg Rosemerry in it as well.

Attacks & Abilites

Rules are the same as Rosemerry with leveling up. Has 200 hp.

Beginners' Attack: Evil Face shot

shoots a flaming evil face at attacker, and burns the enemy.

Basic Damage: 2 hp

Burn duration: 4 messages

Burn Damage: 2 per message

Minor Attack I: Under the Weather

shoots 2 pretty powerful poison peas.

Poison Duration: 20 messages

Poison Damage: altogther 4 per message

Minor Attack II: In stitches

"Hey, Apple, guess what?" -Description by Annoying Orange.

Damage: 50

Major Attack I: It's Turbo Time!

Shoots 50 of evil faces. Very rapidly. Ouch.

Damage: 100

Major Attack II: What the...!

Swears at enemies. LALALALALA! I can't hear you Boot-Leg Rosemerry!

Damage: 0, but it makes plants cry or faint, "stunning" them for 4 messages if crying, double if fainted.

Fainting Chance: 25% (out of 100%)

Major Attack III: Rain, rain, come to stay!

Gives all enemies poison.

Poison Duration: 30 messages

Poison Damge: 2 per message


  • Boot-leg Rosemerry is a cyborg-like plant.
  • Boot-Leg Rosemerry is jdjfskcrmydiahceohsnfugdfzvshajwjchishctxmdhkchrnsjohxcsmvjewhxkmfgsehkprfgzrkjcy <--break dat puzzle
  • Hint: Hint: Hint: How many times did Hint: appear?
  • Here is the Picture for Boot-Leg Rosemerry:
  • Boot-Leg Rosemerry
  • She has a slightly darker shade of red than Rosemerry
  • You can see a bit of tech from a leaf and a rip in the petal, because she gets into fights. Alot of.
  • She is more angry than soft, most of the time.

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