Boot-leg Kangaroo Saw

Boot-leg Kangaroo Saw

Boot-leg Kangaroo Saw is owned by S.O.A.P. Games. As usual, you can use her anytime you want, as long as he isn't using her already.


Alot like her non Boot-leg self, Kangaroo Saw, but Boot-leg Kangaroo Saw supports the good side, but will pretend to like other Boot-legs and support them.

Sadly, she gets too convincing, and makes the non-Boot-legs think she does support the Boot-legs except Kangaroo Saw, as they're pretty much the same, Corn Shears, and Snow Pea.

Also, unlike most boot-legs, she can't regenerate. Instead, her arms can come off.


  • Kangaroo Saw
  • Corn Shears
  • Rosemerry
  • Oopsy-Daisy
  • Boot-leg Rosemerry & Boot-leg Oopsy-Daisy (they won't harm non-Boot-legs now)
  • Bankersia
  • Someone mysterious...

Enemies (Fake Friends are bold)

  • Boot-leg Kernel-pult
  • The Booter
  • Boot-leg Flaming Pea (suspicious)
  • Boot-leg Blover
  • Boot-leg Magnet-shroom (she sticks to him, but not on purpose :/ )

Neutral with other Boot-legs, doesn't really see much.


  • In Series 3 (Ep 2) where 'the team' go to the future, Boot-leg Kangaroo Saw was forced to kill Kangaroo Saw. In the end, they both ended up fake-killed each other and Kangaroo Saw was the only Non-Boot-leg female survivor. Apperently, Kangaroo Saw's arms can also come off, but is much harder to do.
  • She is the best Boot-leg to pretend that she likes all Boot-legs, but doesn't really. Only three plants can't be persuaded at all, and only one Boot-leg unsure.

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