The Bootleg V3 Sweet Strawberry is a far deadlier version of Sweet Strawberry.

Sweet Strawberry V3's movepool mainly consists if wide spread, high quantity projectile sprays that is immensely difficult to evade and survive.


Sweet Strawberry V3 looks simular to the original version however this is literally COATED in seeds (this gives it a far larger amount of seeds to work with and it makes Burst far deadlier)! They even coat its eyes!

The seeds are shaped like scales and are red in colour.

Sweet Strawberry V3's eyes are yellow

Its skin is orange with yellow, irregular but straight lines.


Health: 950

All other stats: Average


Shot: Shot is simply firing 3-4 seeds in a burst fire pattern. It's a reliable and quick to use ability that can be used often.

Seeds (passive): The seeds themselves create small fire explosions on impact and they're capable of seeking down the target.

Detection Aura: The aura of Sweet Strawberry V3 lets it detect things in quite a large radius, even from behind walls.

Shred: This causes a large number of seeds (estimated to be 15) to form an arch over Sweet Strawberry V3 and face the target before firing forwards at high velocity.

Burst: This causes ALL of the seeds to spray out in all directions. This depletes all seeds and it takes a short amount of time before they are replaced.

Shrapnel Bombardment: This ability makes a large ball coated in seeds fire from the leaves of Sweet Strawberry V3 that travels like an artillery shell. On impact with whatever it explodes violently and launches a large amount of seeds in all directions.

Sweet Shot: This fires a pair of engorged seeds that contain a toxic gas at the target. On impact the seeds explode as normal but release the toxic gas which poisons, disorientates and confuses the victim.

Explosive Armour (passive): Any hard impacts against the outer seed layer will cause the seeds to explode outwards, stopping projectiles.

Personality Very self confident

Can be aggressive

Doesn't tend to think through potentially dangerous scenarios


Physical: 45% (Only the outer seed shell)

Explosive: 60% (all)


Physical: 20% (inner body)

Else: 5% (inner body)

To: Hypno

So then I created this page for you. o3o

--Professor Tiyak (talk) 22:08, April 6, 2015 (UTC)

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