The Bootleg Mirage V4 was created as a prototype of a secretly WIP V4 series of Bootlegs and has become a success.

Whilst incredibly vicious and agressive, even to the point of attacking lesser Bootlegs on occasion; Mirage V4 is incapable of betrayal to its master.

Mirage V4 is larger, faster and far more powerful than the standard Mirage.

Mirage V4 is based entirely around AuraCrystals to the point it isn't truily alive.


Mirage V4's body is fairly bulky with a reasonably large neck and a large-ish head, quite long legs and a long and fairly wide tail. Its eyes are a solid purple although with a notable red tint.

Mirage is a huge, dragon like creature completely covered in scales made from (orange tinted) Resilience Aura with a thick, tough skin under.

The chest of Mirage houses a generous sized gemstone of PinkAura (about 1.7m in diameter!) housed in a special bootlegged RainbowAura.

Adorning the creature is a relatively small gemstone of TealAura worn on a "necklace" of YellowAura. This is typically active but can be disabled to reduce the creature to a smaller size.

The centre of the back of Mirage houses a quite large YellowAura gemstone (about the size of the PinkAura gemstone) housed in Purpleaura.

On the back of this monstrosity is four huge wings, a single beat is powerful enough to lift the sheer weight of the barer. The rim of the wings are sharpened to a lethal point.


Health: 25,500

All other: Mega! (+155% buff!)


The Booter.


Everything else.


Detect: An internalised ability, one that lets it detect things even if it cannot see them, although this loses effectiveness over enough distance.

Aura Overload: Mirage can manually destabilise and detonate parts of its body.

Cloak: Mirage V4 can cloak its entire body, this reduces damage and defence to just 125% but buffs up Speed and Evade to 175%. This also makes it practically impossible to detect. This has a cooldown however and the cloak is removed when the user attacks.

Blast Resilience (passive): Mirage V4's Aura Crystals have been slightly modified to be blast resistant.

Aura Core (passive): Mirage V4 has a VERY dense amount of aura inside it, this makes it impossible to disable its AuraCrystals.

Lifeless (passive): Mirage V4 can't be detected through things that detect life.

Power Tap: The aura crystals adorning the creature can be activated or deactivated at will.

Body Tap: Like the V3 series of Bootlegs, Mirage can latch onto defeated creatures however Mirage can do so to robots and (technically) not living things and modify them into other V4 bootlegs.

Life Drain: The life energy of a being can be drained by Mirage through contact to empower it.





Physical: takes -30% damage.

Ice and Heat: Takes -20% damage

Electric: Takes -15% damage

Else: takes -5% damage.



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