Bowling Bulb

Full Name

Bowling Bulber


High Speed rolling, Heavy Power, Electro-Enhancement, Explosification, Triplication





 Bowling Bulb is a plant owned by WMag. Alike Four-Leaf Blover, Cyborg Plasma Pea, Kingtail and Alien Flower, he won't be used until battles. Else so, he makes cameos.


GET CHARGED - Electrocutes one of the guys he's attacks.

Burner : Burns an opponent, then starts hitting.

Aqua : Aqua head move, hits opponent and might freeze or drown.

Friends *shared by all*

  • WinterMagnet - He's his manager
  • Winter Melon - He always gets him sets of OP tools. 

Green Head only

  • Magnet-shroom - He's not an evil unicorn fighting godzillas, but instead, he's the pyro of the team

Blue head only

  • Habanero - He likes trolling with him.. hehe

Orange head only

  • Jalapeno (Formerly) - He likes to stomp people with him

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