The plants made a grave mistake, the Zombie army managed to destroy a machine that was responsible for keeping the balancing system in place... Without that Zomboss managed to make an ever changing creature exactly as he desires... This's what is the result.


Health: 6,000

All other: MEGA! (+20% buff!)


Dr Zomboss.


Other Zombies.


Everything else.


Broken Aura: An aura that reduces all opponents to: 10% speed, attack, defence and all other stats except for health. Also doubles the damage of all of Broken Entity's attacks.

Prefire portal: A portal that can be used any time, anywhere. It doesn't count as a turn and so can be used to get up close and personal with an opponent.

Void Punch: A punch containing pure Void energy. Instantly vapourises and removes anything on contact.

Void Pulse: A perfect-accuraccy beam containing pure Void energy. Instantly vapourises and removes anything on contact.

Breaching Void Pulse: A perfect-accuraccy instant-hit beam that can't be negated, ignores shields/abilities and removes whatever it hits on impact.

Focus systems (passive): accuraccy of Entity's attacks and their target isn't changable in any way.

Devour Beam: Does 15,500 damage on contact and heals the Broken Entity for 3x the damage dealt!

Breaching Shot: Does 25,000 damage and ignores all shields and abilities that protect from a shot.

Zomboss's Gift (passive): Revives and gains full health (-100) if destroyed, also removes all negative effects.

Dark Crunch: A blast wave that devestates everything in a radius the size of a city-block! Deals 30,000 damage!

Reflector shield (passive): Shots that make contact with the Broken Entity deal damage but are also reflected towards an ally of the shot firer's choice. (An ally MUST be chosen, if not the user of the Broken Entity chooses).

Failsafe (passive): If Broken Entity can't use an attack/ability for whatever reason Dark Crunch is used instead and can't be negated.

Power Surge (passive): At the start of the battle, this activates before EVERYTHING ELSE. This gives Broken Entity an additional 66,000 health.



Attacks with variable damage.

Reflected attacks.


Physical: takes -50% damage




Hey, none (or at least the vast majority) of you people don't take balancing seriously anyway. Why should I?

All ranged attacks land at the target in an instant!

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