Cattail is a plant owned by Rasengan553 (now Testosteron9374).


This is Cattail!

Page is yet to be remade.

And this is Cattail while an orange!

The left is his normal self = and the right is himself in orange form. He's also an expert with aura crystals, next to Cat Empress. He is also King Cattail's great-grandson due to a time travel paradox. The rest of his info is yet to be made: also, tell me if this is a stub. 
Kevin Macleod - Wallpaper 1 HOUR01:02:16

Kevin Macleod - Wallpaper 1 HOUR

His theme, not by me

He also beat TX1 Billy-bot in a 1v1, thanks to an EMP. Though, Cattail made it a tie due to Billy-bot losing TX1 energy, that made him revert..

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