Chard Guard
Fling Flang!



Favorite food:

White Rice




When anyone comes close, Chard Guard has the ability to toss them back.

Woah! Don't get too close there!
— Chard Guard

Chard Guard is owned by PuffyMuffins and Electric Plants.


Chard Guard was born blind in both eyes. He also was born with 3 leafs, which was the number of the Plant God during the age of the Frostbite Cave. He was taken away from his parents, from order of the king. They dropped him on ice, formed in the shape of a slide so he would drown. But right before he fell into his death, one leaf bounced him off the slide and to the other side. He then had 2 leafs. He was celebrated, and every year on his birthday, the third one will always grow back.

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