Chili Bean is a plant owned by Idem. He has two other brothers that are also Chili beans. 

Chili Bean
Chili Bean2
He farts everyday




Chili Bean 1 (Dork)

The first Chili Bean makes fun everytime, and pranks a lot of people. He likes to be eated by other Zombies and fart in the face of other Plants.

Chili Bean 2 (Cork)

The second Chili Bean is the most serious, and does his job: Sacrifices himself to explode, or do a big fart.

Chili Bean 3 (Fork)

The third Chili Bean is the most brave of the group, he always kills himself everyday. And he doesn't have fear of Gargantuars.

Powers and Abilities


The Chili Beans can explode, doing a massive explosion that can pop Gargantuar heads.

Fart Abilities

The Chili Beans can fart with a horrible smell that can kill zombies instantly

Gastrointestinal Abilities

After being eated, the Chili Bean makes the zombie that ate it Fart, and also this applies to Plants.

Gallery of Chili Beans