Do eat me, ok?
— Chocolate Pea
Chocolate Pea is a plateau owned by chocolate piss at zombies.
Chocolate Pea
PVZIAT chocolate Peashooter
Chocolate Peas shoot chocolate peas at zombies.


Shoots chocolate peas at zombies.

Plant Food ability:

Shoots 60 chocolate peas at zombies.



Best Friends

Peashooting Plants - Peashooting Plants = NOONE


Let's talk about zero divide zero. Is it possible? Let's see. If three divide three means you have three cookies and you will give to your three siblings. So three cookies and three siblings means that every sibling gets one cookie. So back to the main question. Zero divide zero. Let's change it a little. You have zero candy and zero friends, which means that Cookie Monster is sad because there's no cookies and you are sad because you have no friends. #SAVAGE


Boot-leg Chocolate Pea

Chocolate Peashooter HD

HD Chocolate Pea


PT's version

PF Chocolate Pea

Using Plant Food ability. In-game because PvZCC doesn't exist

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