Chomperzilla is a character owned by Idem.

Chomperzilla destroy city
The Radioactive Rampaging Laser-breathing Giant Chomper.


100 meters


Chompujira, DaiChompu


Chomper/Ancient Dinosaur Hybrid


Chomperzilla is a giant grey Chomper, with white spikes on his backs. His mouth is white, along with his leaves. 


Chomperzilla was a giant Chomper. In 1970, he woke up and destroyed Zombcity. After his destruction, he was killed by the Oxygen Destroyer. But no one knew that Chomperzilla was slowly regenerating to attack Plantcity in 1999. After that, Chomperzilla was attacking the whole world. Chomperzilla then decided to be not a villain anymore. 

Powers and abilities

  • Atomic Spray + Atomic Laser
    • Spiral Atomic Spray
  • Nuclear Bite
  • Super Tough Skin
  • Regenerator T-19.
  • Can breath underwater 
    Chomper atpmic breath

    Chomperzilla fires his Atomic Breath.


  • Chomperzilla is based on the character "Godzilla" from Toho.

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