Citron2 (1)




Plant, Citron (Orange)


Shoots powerful balls of plasma, but takes time to recharge.




Homeowner, Crazy Dave, Penny, Plant Food, Plants


Boot-legs, The Booters, Jalapenos, Zombies, Dr. Zomboss

Made by: CF3

Claimed by: PuffyMuffins

Citron is a plant from Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. He is encountered in Far Future, while also being a character class in Plants VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.


A orange with strange lip thing, Has eyebrows and blue eyes.


Citron shoots powerful plasma balls. He is a good secondary plant in endless zones with Winter Melon or other plants. It isn't suggested to use it as your only attacking plant as it will have to charge it's attacks.

Plant Food

Upon the usage of Plant Food, it gets struck by lightning and shoots a giant plasma ball that kills all the zombies in that row or kills the leftmost Robo-Cone Zombie, Gargantuar, Mecha-Football Zombie, Shield Zombie or Disco-tron 3000 in one shot. It can also bounce away zombies if they have less health than the plasma's damage. It deals 200 normal damage shots in total. It can also destroy a whole row of graves only if there are no Gargantuars or machines before the graves. Gargantuars or machines will prevent the graves behind them from being destroyed.


As the owner and primary user of "Vitamin C-U-Later" 20-hour energy shots, Citron is always on and always ready for action. "Let's make this happen!!"


Citron is a very serious, nervous and well, panicy type plant. He often freaks out if something awful is happening but hes always ready for his job. Citron doesn't like Jalapeno due to the fact that he once gave him Spicy jalapenos which he told him were "Candy" flavored.


Citron is the owner of the Vitamin C-U-Later. He often works there but usually is fighting zombies. When he has free time, he usually helps out with Vitamin C-U-Later or other things.

Friends and Enemies

Citron has many friends such as his wife, CitronWater and other citron's. Hes also very close to his brother CitronFire. Some enemies of his consist of Boot-legs, and Jalapeno. Citron will often invite some of his family and other friends to see his store "Vitamin C-U-Later".


  • "SPICY JALAPENOS!! NEVER AGAIN!" | Said to Jalapeno
  • "TAKE MY PLASMA BALL!" | Attacking
  • "CitronFire is obviously not my brother... Ok maybe he is. So?" | Citron when asked if CitronFire is his brother


  • He hates Jalapenos


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