Clamshell Zombie is a zombie owned by SCI.


Clamshell Zombie is pretty clammy. He's also very calm, but a loudmouth and a master at pranks and comedy. He uses the beach as his one chance to escape reality and be where he truly belonged in.


  • Beaches
  • Clams
  • Shells
  • The sun
  • Surfing
  • Running
  • Jumping



  • Droplet Shooter, Obvious.
  • Swordsman Zombie, Swordsman and Clammy are similar and just love to relax.
  • Jalapeno, They randomly met at the store and are now best friends.


  • Desert Death Zombie, DDZ does not like Clammy but is okay with him.

Enemies: None.


  • Clamshell Zombie was born in a shell.

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