Coconut Sharpshooter is a plant owned by EP and User:SnowCreamImplosive.


CS is often very calm, but can lose his cool when being messed with (which is very easy to do). He will try, but he can never be ultimately strong. His physical and power abilities are very weak, often being made fun of. CS is actually very smart, but not so open about it (very much unlike his friend Small Radish) due to reasons. Also, he has some traits of a stalker, trying to fish out news for the school newspaper or just randomly snapping pictures of people.


  • Imported items
  • Pie
  • Calm walks in the park
  • Working things out by talking



  • Droplet Shooter, Coconut Sharpshooter loves the beach the same way as him, and often helps him start beach parties or new visitors.
  • Fire Gourd, Usually gives things to Coconut Sharpshooter. Often, it is food or tips.
  • Freesiabee, Hangs out with CS a lot.
  • Hazelnut Ball, Same reason as Freesiabee.
  • Small Radish, Same reason as Hazelnut Ball.


  • Ice Crystal Shooter, CS thinks that he is too hostile.
  • Walnut Bomb, Walnut Bomb does not look at CS as a target, but makes an explosion either way whether CS is involved with it or not.


  • Kiwi, CS thinks Kiwi is heartless.
  • Banana Launcher, Same reason with Kiwi.


  • Coconut Cannon, Older Brother
  • Tropical Cannon, Older Brother
  • Coconut Rocket Launcher, Older Brother


  • Coconut Sharpshooter is 9.
  • Coconut Sharpshooter is in the same grade as Small Radish, Freesiabee, and Hazelnut Ball.
    • They have a group named "Young Democracy".
  • Coconut Sharpshooter is a Clarinet player.

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