He is owned by me. |


He is hyper.


He likes to drink coffee and eat chocolate. He looks like a baby, but in fact, he is 234 years old. He also had a crush on Sun bean, but when she found out that he was 234 years old, she said no.

But hey, stay away from him, beacuse he will make you hyper!


He has almost no friends, as no one wants to be hyper. His friends are all the mushrooms+Sunflower as Sunflower are nice to evryone, and the mushrooms are happy to be awake (Only Sun-shroom hates him.). The family is all the beans.


They are all the plants without those on the list above.


(When somebody asks: Do you want coffee and chocolate?) "YES!GIVEMEALLDAT!!!"




Never sleep

Wake up other plants

Be hyper

Eat chocolate and drink coffee

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