The Combat Shotgun is a gun that can be used to melt anti-gun. It does high damage (30DMG) but can be used once per three turns. In fact, it does 10 DMG per turn. It can instantly-destroy chips, non-war jets (Except Stunt Planes and King Cattail's Blimp), and does 1/10 damage to Anti-guns. It fires 5 pellets per use, although it's impossible for all of them to hit the same person. It is possible for two or three to hit the same, if you are a skilled user.

Known Good-Combat Shotgunners is Banana Launcher and Pen-nut. They are good at Combat Shotgunning, and are skilled enough to make four hits on person. They can also hold two Combat Shotguns a time. It can be used to also pierce through building, although damaging anything is blind luck. (X-raying is a good tool).


  • It was created by Banana Launcher.
  • It is a very powerful weapon.
  • It is not sold in stores, except in Banana Launcher's pinches.


Banana Launcher's pinches

Combat Shotgun: $4,000

15 pellets: $10,000

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