Conehead Zombie is owned by Idem

Conehead Zombie
Fear my cone!


Brains, partying, other zombies/plants.


Nothing so far.


He was a normal zombie until he found a cone on street and tought "Eh, I guess that'll make me tougher". He's a very toughtful zombiewhen fighting other zombies/plants. He's very friendly but when he's hungry he'll be hostile to any near plants/humans.


None yet :>


None yet :>

Attacks Made By Himself

Cone Slash

Conehead Zombie uses his hat as a sword. He attempts to slice the enemy multiple times.

Cone Crash

Conehead Zombie puts his cone at the chest and crashes onto the enemy.

Cone Smash

Conehead Zombie breaks his cone hitting the enemy. Another cone magically appears over Conehead Zombe's head for some reason.

Cone Dash

Conehead Zombie throws his cone at the floor and slides on it.


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