Corn Shears is owned by S.O.A.P. Games. You can use him in roleplay, as long as he isn't using him.


  • Usually hardworking, honest, greatful, anything a farmer would be.
  • Sometimes explosive.

Portrait with assistant(s)

Attacks & Abilities

Shear I

Dispells any sheep-related negative buffs on allies

Shear II

100 damage to an opponent, or 50 each if surronded by enemies.


300 damage to opponents in a 5 metre radius, dealing less damage every 1/2 metre. (I'm Australian. We Australians spell metre that way. Deal with it.)


10 damage, but at all opponents.

Smoked Almonds

10 damage, 1 hp burn per msg for 10 msgs, at all opponents.

Mini-Chard Guard

Gets his assistant, Gary the Chard Guard, to hurl back (stun) 3 melee opponents for 5 msgs.

Mini-Shard Guard

A robotic version of his assistant that does the same thing, but will explode when Corn Shears is killed, doing 100 damage in a 1 metre radius, will deal 20 splash damage to opponents in a 2 metre radius.

Other Stuff


  • Popcorn Shears (cousins)



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