"I think its better no one mess up with me. OP or not OP, if they taunt, theyll be eaten alive"

-Count Chocula

Count Chocula is a pacifist Chocolate Chomper.


Count Chocula is a pacifist and is friendly and helpful, but when people start to threat him, Count Chocula will proceed on eating them alive, killing them instantly. He has a love for popcorn, and once said he wanted to be a Count Popcornula, not Count Chocula. In a side note, Count Chocula is a Vampire Chomper and thus when he swallow someone, he regenerates some of his wounds.



The basic Chomp of other Chomper. He can swallow any OC alive if they start to taunt him. In battle RPs, Count Chocula prefers to watch without intervening, as the Chomp is "Unfair to battle".


When he swallows someone, Count Chocula is able to regenerate some wounds.


"I dont known why many people has something against him. I understand him just fine. He didnt asked to be OP"

Winter Magnet

Unlike many other Scaredy-Shroom characters, Count Chocula is a friend of Winter Magnet. They arent "best friends" but they cooperate and do teamwork well.

"He is a idiot"

Winter Melon

Count Chocula hates WInter Melon. its currently unknown why.


NOPE Squid

NOPE Squid dont interact with Count Chocula, due to his limitation in NOPE language. But Count Chocula seems to not hate him. When he is asked to talk something about him, Count says "NOPE".

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