The Crazyzombie Military is a Zombie Fighting.... thing made by Crazyzombie. Here true zombies can join and fight for the Zombies. And vanquish the Plants. You can join only if you are a true zombie tho....


CZ Soilder: You get alot of fire power. You get the CZ10 Assault Blatser, which shoots bullets at a high vilocity. You also get a blade. Which you use to kill Plants from upclose. You also get Remote Control Rockets, where you fire a controllable rocket. You get rocket jump to.

CZ Medic: You are given alot of equptment for healing. You get a Healing Station. Heal Bombs. A Heal Gun. And finaly heal rockets.

CZ Pilot: You don't get much firepower BUUUUUT. In time you get given a powerful Jet, equipted with Bombs, LAZERZZZZZ. And Homing Rockets. Without your jet you get a CZ5 Assault Blaster which is a weaker version of the CZ10 Assault Blaster.

CZ Guradian: You get alot of gadgets to defend your Zombie team. Your role as a Guradian, is to build walls and shelters to protect your teamates from damage. You can put down shield with holes to shoot through. You can give your teamates better armour, and you place down a mini shelter.

CZ Ninja: You are stealthy. You get smoke bombs to escape danger. You can turn invisable for a while. You can run on walls, and you have swords.

We are working on getting more classes


These are ranks you get through training and things.




Crazy Private


Super Crazmando


Crazy Generalz


Super Crazlite

Crazy Leader

Super Crazy Leader


Crazyzombie Worthy

Mission Log



To  Join

1: Be a true zombie

2: Comment bellow and say what class you are.



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