Cyprind and Friends is a TV show, including Carp, (for now, the PVZRP characters appear later) Barbn, and the Barbs.


The show begins when Carp is sleeping at his pond, as usual, and then, Barbn and the Barbs come out and ask him to come out and go meet his friends. Carp refuses, but Barbn convinces Carp by telling him that there a lot that love him. And so, Carp trails ahead.


  • Epi 1: Get up, Carp!

(More soon!)


  • This is the first RP to have Carp's own tv show
  • Carp is a bit lazier in this whole RP.

People involved

Carp The Fish

  • Carp
  • Barbn
  • The Barbs

(Add if your gonna join!)

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