Desert Death Zombie is a zombie owned by SCI.


Desert Death Zombie is the quite interesting zombie. He hangs out with Ancient Egyptians and goes on his laptop. Although he loves the old things, he brings anything new with him. He has a knack for discovering things, especially jewels and ancient items.


  • Going on his laptop
  • Sandstorms
  • Balance
  • Runes
  • Ancient Egypt



  • Fan Blover, They are both enthusiasts of wind.


  • Droplet Shooter, Droplet Shooter makes jokes that insult DDZ, but they hang out a lot.


  • Swordsman Zombie, DDZ always is practically a millimeter away from getting his head chopped.
  • Rotobaga, Desert Death Zombie doesn't like her attitude.
  • Ra Zombie, Ra Zombie is nice, but he gets into arguments with him a lot.


  • Desert Death Zombie is the actual descendant of the sun god, Ra.
    • Ra Zombie is jealous of this.

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