Droplet Shooter (previously Water Pea/Peashooter) is a plant owned by SodaPopExplosive. The previous owner has been globally blocked, therefore up for grabs then taken by SPE.


Droplet Shooter is very fond of Big Wave Beach and Pirate Seas. Although Pirate Seas often stocks barrels of firewater (alcohol, which kills Droplet Shooter), he loves it anyway. He brings fire plants to these times, but he is oblivious to what happens to him. Droplet Shooter is oblivious, forgetful, and sometimes ironic. He is not much of a fighter, but he will prepare.


  • Swimming
  • Shooting things
  • Wooden houses
  • Tidal waves
  • Bubbles
  • Stone fountains
  • Fancy buildings



  • Small Radish, Small Radish often agrees with Droplet Shooter, and loves the beach as well.
  • Pirate Seas Zombies, They don't mind Droplet Shooter at all. They are friendly to him, but often drop him in alcohol barrels.
  • Big Wave Beach Zombies, They hang out with Droplet Shooter everyday. Droplet Shooter sometimes forgets that they have drowned and doesn't know why they don't respond.
  • Lily Pad, They often study with each other.


  • Ice Crystal Shooter, They are "acquaintances" to each other. ICS hates the beach.
  • Jalapeno, Jalapeno does not like the beach either. He cares more about the "beach babes".

Enemies: None.


  • Droplet Shooter is 15.
  • Droplet Shooter is a Flute player.

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