Dunce Peashooter

Dunce peashooter is the most stupidest plant around he is usless too.

he is too stupid to know that he has the DUNCE hat on him he is a joke charcter.

owned by n00b123y No permission required for this guy as i dont care much about him

Sun cost

he acts like a normal peashooter but 3 times slower making him super usless. he cost 1 sun. regular peashooters are less of a slot waste. and 3 zombie bites will take him down in the way that he will then behave cowardly

Almanac entry

Cost: 1

Attack recharge: extremely slow

The Dumbest and most usless plant of them all. it is best to not use him.

what? 10 years and i am still at first grade? said Dunce peashooter

thats not fair!


This guy is a joke charcter he is not much.

He wont be used in Alot of RPS but when he is used expect him to be the annoying one of the bunch.

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