The Egyptian Book is only used in Roleplays when PuffyMuffins is on chat and if there is Egyptian Zombies.


After fighting Godzilla, the Zombies decided that they would do the 'To Do List', basically messing up everything. But at Wallnut Hills, Tomb Raiser Zombie found a book in the mansion, a book about their past and even how to time travel. He hasn't told the others yet, but he doen't understand it either. All he understands is on pages 246 - 745 there is alot of spells. It's so long because the descriptions have the Origin.


Ra Ra - This spell can only be used by Sun Gods, saying 'Ra' twice will allow you to steal sun from the sky, and annoying people at the same time.

UchaUrcha - This spell heals the Zombie who speaks it.

LOADING : ||||||||||| 24% Under Construction Wait for more spells in the future |||||||||||||||||||||

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