This isn't a character! It's simply a unit used by zombie forces whenever it's needed.

It's encountered in the Armada Campaign.


What've the zombies made now?!

The Electro Guardian is a floating warship that carries 2 large guns.

It also houses a Charged Crystal on the front to deal brutal amounts of electric damage.

Speed: Slow.

Health: 2500.

Damage resist: 10%

Large guns

Each of these fires fairly slowly but they pack a massive punch.

Both fire when used.

The shots move very fast, they're highly accurate and they deal 40 or so damage.

It does 10 damage in a fairly large AOE.

Charged Crystal

This fires a powerful electric charge to opponents.

It arcs a fair distance, making it next to impossible to dodge.

It jumps off of victims too!

It moves literally lightning fast!

It has flawless accuraccy and it deals 55 damage, 30 to any jump victims.

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