The Electro Morph is a deadly blob-like entity with massive resistances and powerful attacks.

Partially created by zombies, these things got out of control and started making themselves... They also started changing...

It's encountered in the Armada Campaign.


Speed: Fast.

Health: 1700.

Damage resist: 30%


  • Static: Shocks any enemy on contact for around 20 damage. (Passive)
  • Storm: Causes a lightning storm, darkening the terrain and making lightning strike around the place. These lightning strikes can do up to 100 damage!
  • Charge: The Electro Morph can perpousfully have the lightning strike itself. Lightning attacks used by Electro are boosted in power by 15 damage for 10 rotations. *
  • Shock: A charge of electric is fired at the target. This can deal around 65 damage with high accuraccy.
  • Directed Strike: The lightning (presumably from Storm)  can be redirected by Electro into a target. This only deals around 75 damage however and it isn't affected by Charge. *

Things with a * after require a lightning storm, this can be caused by the "Storm" attack.

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