The Essence Morph was given a small amount of Essence energy by Broken Entity. This small amount alone has turned this thing into an absolutely devestating weapon capable of terrifying amounts of damage.


Health: 5000.

Speed: Very High (+10% speed)

Evade: Low (-10% evade)

Damage: High (+10% damage)

Defence: Ultra (Resists 30%!)

Quotes/How it communicates

It makes an incredibly deep, monotonous sound by pulsing it's body to move air like a speaker.


It's very protective of other Morphs

It can and does burrow massive networks underground, it is known to act as an alternate queen with it's ability to create underground hives.


"Charged" oceans








Burrow: A large portion of the Essence Morph forms a drill that almost immidiately solidifies and the Essence Morph can drill underground at great speeds.

Shred: The drill can be used offensively, it can also be used whilst underground to attack other underground things or to pop out of the ground under a target (or wherever else). Does 4,500 damage. (Very accurate)

Bombard: Shells can be fired out of pretty much any side of the Essence morph with great speed and accuraccy, it fires 3 bomb shells with very wide AOE. Does 2,000 damage each.

Arctic Beam: An ice-beam can be fired from the drill that freezes opponents or other things on contact. Does 3,500 damage and freezes for 2 or more rotations.

Earthquake: The body of the Essence Morph vibrates so violently at such a low frequency and acts like a speaker. It pretty much causes an earthquake. It damages everyone (else) in a very large radius for 3,500 damage.

Persistence (passive): Immune to negative stat changes. Attacks also can't have the damage delt lowered.

Power Surge (passive): At the start of the battle, this activates before EVERYTHING ELSE. This gives the user an additional 11,000 health.



Things the character has done in battles.


100% Radiation resistance ===




This was a made to combat very high powered things like WinterMelon and the likes.

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