Chapter 1

WinterMagnet discovers NPVZRP has been revived by new users. When he enters the chat, the new users seem ignorant and angry at him, this causes his rage that started the war.

WinterMagnet was mad that NPVZRP was revived, and wanted to destroy it. However, the new users, were not on board with moving. An argument happened, and WinterMagnet was banned.

Then, to everyone's shock, NPVZRP declared war. And a week later, planes fired missiles at the Wild West, destroying their food supply, which made them become cannibals. Planes then destroyed the arctic part of PVZRP, killing tons of people. PVZRP decided to fight back, and melted half of NPVZRP's land. Agent Johnny went to the arctic to find any survivors, but poison was in the arctic now, and the ice was melting, with flames burning on pine trees. It was too dangerous, so Agent Johnny sent his Assault Team to search. They never made it back.

NPVZRP then took revenge by crashing buildings down. This started a fire in the city, and communications and internet were now cut off. People lost their homes, and moved to camp. Only to find out that where they were, was where NPVZRP launched their first mega bomb.

Ninja Penguins spent 3 weeks making his one mega bomb, and it wasn't until the end of the war that he launched it.

Puffy was now working as a commander, sent spies to watch what NPVZRP was doing. A few spies made it back, saying that now some of the other spies were now slaves.

This was the beginning, of the end.

Chapter 2

"Sir, our communications have been cut off for Heatville!" yelled Heat Man

"NOO!! Our food supply is getting lower by the minute!" said Bass.

"Shut up. It's called hunting." said WinterMagnet, shooting a deer.

"Sir, wait... the forests have been poisoned. That might be why the deer is walking so slow." said Bass.

"I guess our food supply IS running out. Heat Man, go to Heatville and check on things." said WinterMagnet.

"Alright." said Heat Man.

When Heat Man arrived, he was startled to see that Heatville had skeletons and body parts everywhere. Every single house was almost torn down, with holes everywhere.

"Sir! The houses are almost falling down, and there is no living things here left!"

"Oh crap." replied WinterMagnet, using his communicator.

"And I believe they took the food supply too." said Heat Man.

"Even worse..." said WinterMagnet.


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