Fan Blover is a character owned by SCI.


Fan Blover is clueless and carefree, but most of all, in his own little world. However, he seems to be very quiet and calm when he's not causing tornadoes, maybe even smart. Secretly, Fan Blover has a passion for baseball and plays with the professionals at an early age. He himself is also pretty good at sports.


  • Chilly weather
  • Trees
  • Hurricanes
  • Fried things



  • Repeater, Both are pretty strange and normal in their own way. Somewhat, they are both unpopular AND popular.
  • White Radish, Fan Blover likes it when White Radish is around, as he is one of the few people who are friendly to him.

Neutral: Everybody else who has met Fan Blover hates him. Enemies:

  • Snow Pea, Fan Blover keeps blowing his inventions down.
  • Heavenly Peach, She loathes Fan Blover for accidentally knocking an important vial (for curing).
  • Guacodile, They have hated each other for a long time.
  • Banana Launcher, One of BL's bananas have destroyed Fan Blover.

There's plenty others who hate Fan Blover. Family:

  • Blover, Younger Brother
  • Four-Leaf Blover, Younger Brother


  • Fan Blover is 15.
  • Fan Blover is an Electric and Wind plant, which means he can also create thunderstorms or make electric tornadoes.

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