Fire Chomper is a plant owned by Idem.
Fire Chomper
Fiah CHompah in PVZ2
*You hear loud barking.


Chompers Plants


Fire Chomper is a very innocent and unaware Chomper. He's not very smart, and he usually attacks when he feels something is wrong.


Fire Chomper is a Chomper which came from the literal flames of "hell". He was sent out of it because he was too nice.


Fire Spray

Fire Chomper's short ranged, powerful flaming spray.

Fire Spikes

Fire Chomper sets a Flaming Spikeweed on the current ground. The Flaming Spikeweed will trap any enemies and cause burning damage.


Fire Chomper spits out a sticky Lava which stuns the enemy and burns them.

Blazing Burrow

Fire Chomper tunnels underground and sneaks behind his enemy, crunching them by behind. This attack does massive damage and instantly kills weaker enemies. Does burn damage and lowers defense if the enemy survives.

Flare Tackle

Fire Chomper concentrates fire all arround his body and slams his whole body against the enemy. Fire Chomper gets slightly damaged after using this move.

Fire Dunk

Fire Chomper jumps up and spits some fireballs from his mouth against the enemy. 

Burn Bite

Fire Chomper bites the enemy. This attack does normal damage and can be repeatedly used. Can also burn the target.

Hypernova Mode

Fire Chomper charges up all heat inside his body to make his flames as hot as a blue star.