Five Nights at PvZRP 2 is a MiniGame created by PuffyMuffins.


After the original location closed down due to maulfunctions, PvZRP Co. has recreated the fun location for Kids and Grownups alike! With old animatronics becoming new and lovable characters again, the company has decided the bring some new faces into the face of PvZRP Pizza.

The company is looking for a Security Guard to work the night shift while the fun is shut off for the night.

$294.00 per week.

To apply, call 1-800 PVZRPAP


The game plays out quite like FNaF in a sense. Except some features are new or tweaked.

  • 3 Doors - Left, Right, and Ceiling.
  • Flashlight - Can be used on doors and vents.
  • 1 Vent - Floor in front.
  • Camera System - 13 Cameras.
  • Music Box - Wind up on Camera 12 to keep the Reapionette away.
  • Power - 100% Power.
  • Sound System - Use on any camera to drive CitronFire away.
  • Power Outage - When you hit 0% power, Puffy and WinterMagnet will come on oppisite doors and play the Come Little Children - Music Box Music until they jumpscare you.
  • Cheats - In Extras mode, you can enable cheats.

Animatronics & Behaviour

  • Puffy

Puffy works as the sneaky character. Lurking around the Chat Room, he normally doesn't show himself unless the power goes out. He won't show himself in the doors often, as he likes to 'tease' you.

  • WinterMagnet

WinterMagnet works as the super active character. Lurking around the Chat Room, he normally goes close to the door for a long time to taunt the player.

  • CitronFire

CitronFire works as the inactive character. Lurking around the Chat Room, he normally takes a long time to get to your door and does it at moments you watch someone else.

  • The M.E.O.W King

The M.E.O.W King works as the character who wants to be watched a lot. He can use aura to change the gameplay and normally comes through the ceiling door and the ground vent. If you don't watch him occasionally he will become very active.

  • Withered Carp

Carp works as the old and broken character. Being through years of neglect in the company, he randomly teleports into your office.

  • Reapionette

The Reapionette will only come out when the music box is fully unwound. You must keep the music box wound up or else you'll pay the price of a lifetime.

  • BJ

BJ works as the character who trolls a lot. BJ will come through anywhere accessable and will disable doors, lights, camera, audio system, etc.

  • Changle

Changle has been through countless days of being ruined by kids, and is very aggresive. If not looked after, you will pay a huge price.

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