Five Nights at Billy's

The name

After 10 years in building and reparing, Billy's House of Fun is open once again!. with new Animatronics, new looks, and new atmosphere. But one day, in a party, a little kid was hurt by an animatronic stabbing the kid's hand, causing a panic in the place, but now, after those events, the animatronics started to act weird, that's why YOUR here as a night guard. 5 nights, 6 animatronics, 1 Job.


  • Binnie Hatcher (Billy-bot Animatronic) (leader)
  • Peanie ( Peancie Animatronic) (the female one, to the right of Binnie)
  • Stevie (Steve The sniper Animatronic) (Guitarist)
  • Kiki (Killer-etta Animatronic) (in a Mangled state)
  • Forgotten Binnie (Golden freddy-ish Billy-bot animatronic) (Hallucination)
  • Carpy (Carp Animatronic) (sorta balloon Boy)


Binnie Hatcher: he is always in the Dark, luckily the cameras have Flashlights to blow his cover, once it happens, he will move to another spot, if not checked in time, he will Jumpscare you by coming out of the left door and scream at you in a head Swing movement. He has another Jumpscare, when hes about to grab you and still making the head Swing Movement.

Peanie: She Will activate after Stevie Leaves the Stage, she will intimidate you by looking at the cameras, with Black eyes and white irises, she comes after you Via the Right door, if not closed in time, she will enter the Office and Jumpscare you when the Monitor in pulled down. she will jumpscare by Lunging at you with her Peashooter snout off, revealing her Endo skeleton teeth.

Stevie: Stevie Activates first, he will intimidate you by twitching uncontrollably while looking happy, he is the same as Peanie but comes after you Via the LEFT door. if not closed in time, he will get in and Jumpscare you by making a biting movement while STILL looking happy.

Kiki: She is a "Pull-apart and put back together attraction", she will go after you Via the Middle Air Vent that is located under your Desk, if not closed in time, she will get up in the ceiling, making noise, luring other animatronics to the Office, if not careful, She will come down and bite you in the Frontal Lobe.

Forgotten Binnie: This Animatronic is a Empty suit, it has no roll in the attraction, he appears if you look at the picture of Binnie located in CAM 4C, when the monitor is pulled down, he will sit there, he is like Binnie, but in a Cyan Jacket and Blonde hair instead of the helmet Binnie wears, If not ridden of him, he will Jumpscare you with a still image of his face, "crashing" the RP and rewinds back an hour (example: in your in 3AM and he Jumpscares you, you will be back to 2AM)

Carpy: Carpy is a Fish animatronic, he will do nothing but disable the Vent door and light for a few minutes, he has no Jumpscare

"The Door"

This door need to keep closed, otherwise more animatronics will go after you, do this by Winding up the Spring loaded Lock. If not done in time, the Door will open and 10 random chosen Animatronics will spawn, if you succeed to avoid them, they wont come back. After that, the Door will go back to closed and will lock up to 50% of the lock, giving the Rpers time to deal with the other animatronics.

"The Door" Animatronics:

These will appear Via the Door (a total of 100 are available to spawn, but 10 will be randomly Chosen):

  1. Freddy Fazbear
  2. Photo Negative Mickey
  3. Balloon Boy
  4. Mr. Hueson (Friendly)
  5. the Derpy-matronics ( Derpy Fnaf versions)
  6. Deh-Deh Do singer
  7. Golden Freddy
  8. Diana
  9. Purple guy
  10. Dr. Doofus (friendly)
  11. Chuck E
  12. Amalia-tron



Cam 1 (stage) : This camera section is the one in the Stage area, it is where Binnie, Stevie and Peanie start off.

Cam 2 (dining area) : This camera section can be used to see if Stevie or Peanie are in the move.

Cam 3 (Kid play area) : This camera section is Carpy's Starting point.

Cam 4 (the fun Cove) : This camera section is Kiki's starting point.

Cam 5 : (Backstage) : This camera section is where "The Door" is placed, its lock will need Winding up from time to time, if not checked, consequences may happen.

Cam 6A (Left Office entrance) : This camera section is where Stevie or any animatronic that appears Via "The Door" go to when next to the Office.

Cam 6B (Right Office entrance) : This camera section is where Binnie or Peanie goes when he in next to the office, if no Animatronic is there, the Binnie poster will change to a poster of Forgotten Binnie's face, triggering Forgotten Binnie's appearance.

Cam 7A (Left hallway) : This Camera section is used for seeing if Stevie is approaching towards the office.

Cam 7B (Right Hallway) : This Camera section is used for seeing if Binnie or Peanie are approaching towards the office.

Cam 8 (Air Vent Entrance) : This Camera section is for when Kiki is making her approach.

Cam 9-14 (air Vents) : These camera sections are for when Kiki is near the office Via Air Vent.

Phone calls:

Night 1 : *phone ring 4 times and pick up* Uh hello?, H-Hello?, um, oh hey!, I wanted to leave a message for ya here, um, well theres this thing I need to read to you about the place, ya know, like an intro to your Job or whatever, yeah.... so, here it goes... *ahem* : "Welcome to your new Summer job in Billy's Fun house!, here you will find how amazing the place is.  See how Imagination and fun come to life!, play with Kiki the Meloett, Get a officialy licensed Plushy and Balloon from Carpy, enjoy the band, Consisting of Stevie, Peanie and the one and only, Binnie Hatcher!. If any injury happens in the Building, the Victim will be moved to another location, taken to the hospital and the scene will be cleaned, bleached and carpet replaced withing a day). PHEW!, thats a long breather, anyways, the Animatronics... do get Quirky at night, because there in free-roam mode. For some reason the Management of the dang place are too lazy to turn them off!, *sigh* well, thats there problem, anyways, close the doors when abso-freaking-lutely necesary, there is also a middle airvent under your desk, which is so neat that it has its own door too, hehWell, OH and also, keep an eye on "The Door", that freaking thing has a spring-loaded lock, which you need to wind up at all times.... yeah I know, weird, I know, and also-[interupted]oh, uh gotta go!, try to survive the night *hang up*

Night 2 : *phone ring 4 times and pick up* Uh hello?, H-Hello?, oh yay!, you made it throught the first night, yeah, those Animatronics are a pain in the bumper aren't they?, especially Carpy, son of a gun gives an opening for Kiki... oh how do I know this?, I worked there before. Yeah, so anyways, I got some news for ya, um, there were these weird places with animatronics of some sort, and they, for some reason they Vanished, yeah I know, spooky huh?. Oh!, we will start investigation on "The Door" like in three days. Let's see... OH!, I forgot, have you encountered Amalia-tron yet?, if ya did, your lucky, that "thing" was part of a RPG-like place, but they cancelled it, I think it was called "Wikifo" I think....hmmm, s-something like that... also, there were weird moans coming from Binnie, Stevie, Carpy Commie and Peanie, there were saying stuff like "help me, help us, save us" and Commie was just moaning the words "Let Us In" I have to admit, this place is getting scary... it feels like that other Pizzeria, heheh.... well, anyways, Keep watching the Cams ans Wind up that lock, see you in the next night. *hang up*

Night 3 : *phone ring 3 times, and pick up* Uh Hello?, H-H-Hello?, um, hey there!, I see you past night 2!, Congrats man, and for that I present you with the box infront of you *box opens and reveals a mask similar to Binnie Hatcher* This mask will pest away the Animatronics if they get into the Office, but theirs a catch. The Mask will cause you to fatigue if you wear it too much. Yeah... oh!, and an update of last night, only The Animatronics of Tr-[static]nd Fre-[static]-za and that Stupid place with a Knock-off of Mario... stupid... bootleg makers... anyways, There was a-an incident in the Fun House, I like to call it the "Death of '15" , for some reason, Kiki activated, CHOCKED a kind and bit its LEFT ARM OFF, which later the kid died... um, yeah, that's even more brutal than a bite to the head, heh "Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge?" anways, I-[moan from like the other side of the place] the heck was that?, u-um, anyways, Gotta go man I have to get back to work, See ya in the next night!, mate!, HAHA! I love that Quote from Stevie. *almost a hang up* Unknown Female Voice: ItS BeEn SO LonG *scream then hang up*

Night 4 : *phone ring 4 times and pick up* Uh... Hello?, um, hey hold on a second, [checks the last recording] I-its been so l-long?, weird, anyways, hey man!, its me again, um, did you, hear a voice at the end of the last recording, i-it wasn't me I swear, if it was me, I would've been laughing my head off after saying that without hanging up, b-but anyways, update on the news, m-more animatonics from other places started to disappear aswell, which is strange I know, but, ok listen, be real for a sec, freaking Derpy-as-fudge Animatronics?, SERIOUSLY?!, I swear with the other owners of places... ugh... anyways, some other doofus said that the Binnie mask won't work for some Animatronics *cough*non-Billy's Funhouse animatronics*cough* uh, well, anyways, the... Amalia-tron, for some super natural reason, appeared in stage where Peanie should be, I just left there in a heart be-[banging on the door]-u-uhm.... anyways where was I?, oh yeah, the tron thing, that thing, really need to get out of the area-[louder banging on the door]-u-uhm.... I think I will go now/.... Amalia-tron : ItsBeEnsoLonG! -kills the Phone guys- HAHAHAHA *hang up*


Night 6 : *phone ring twice, then quick pick up* ugh... wh-what happened?, oh notch... wh-what was that?, a-am I seriously still alive, well, anuways man, that freaking tron almost k-killed me-oh notch- um, yeah j-just worry about your job, D-Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, [sounds of fast, mechanical footsteps] oh n-no ???: YA-A-AR HA-A-A-AR FIDDLE-DE-E-E! -Jumpscare scream- *static, then hang up*




  • Bacterial Cie (rarely appears as an animatronic)
  • Taco
  • Morris
  • Snooki
  • Lucy
  • Zune


  • Binnie
  • Peanie
  • Stevie
  • Kiki
  • Forgotten Binnie
  • Carpy


  • Pubear
  • Little Guntry


  • Wikia-Critic
  • Diamond

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