Freesiabee is a plant owned by SPE.


Freesiabee is sympathetic and willing to help, however is rude and can talk back when threatened or hurt. He is actually very strong and accurate, but sometimes loses the traits when nervous. Although, he often gets B- GPAs. Freesiabee will either say very nice or very mean things about people behind their backs. Many people call him two-faced.


  • Books



  • Hazelnut Ball, First met in kindergarten. Friends ever since.
  • Small Radish, Agrees with Freesiabee on most things.
  • Coconut Sharpshooter, Helps Freesiabee.
  • Pistachio, Makes jokes with him.


  • Acorn, Freesiabee avoids him because he thinks he is weird, but are nice to each other.


  • Fire Gourd, FG loves to prank Freesiabee. Freesiabee loathes him for this.
  • Scaredy-shroom, Thinks he is too much of a scaredy cat.


  • Bloomerang, Older Brother


  • Freesiabee is an Alto Saxophone player.
  • Freesiabee is 10.
    • This makes Freesiabee the older one in the "Young Democracy".
  • Freesiabee is not an official name, it's just a pun of "Frisbee" and "freesia".
    • I didn't like "Frisbee Shooter". o.e

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