Frostbolt Shooter is a plant owned by and SPE.
Protect is not something with shields or strength, protect is someone and a word who delivers strength for or to you.
— Frostbolt Shooter


Frostbolt Shooter is strong, careful, accurate, sharp, but hostile. He is often watching everything and is ready to fire his ice arrows once something happens. All the while having immense strength, he has an extreme weakness for ice cream (similarly to Kidney). He is an archer, but relies on recrystallization when many of his arrows have missed.


  • Ice cream
  • Shooting things
  • Protecting people



  • Rx2, Often hangs out with Ice Crystal Shooter due to FS being his protector and good friend.
  • Jalapeno, Friendly with each other, and they have saved each other's life at least twice.
  • White Radish, Admires each other and their roles.


  • Small Radish, FS hates Small Radish's loud and annoying manner, but enjoys his fun.


  • Ice-shroom, FS and Ice-shroom were once best friends, until the accident turned Ice-shroom against FS.


  • Snow Pea, Older Brother.
  • Ice Queen Pea, Mother.

Abilities and Movesets

FS is an ice plant, albeit powerful. He can resist fire, although not when it is at laval temperature. He can also use spears, harpoons, and arrows, even modify them. Because he is ice, he can freeze things. FS can also shoot very rapidly. FS can merge into FS Major if needed, though it must be assisted.

Named Movesets:

  • Blizzard Ballad: Shoots all projectiles to enemies rapidly.
  • Harpoon Grappling: Shoots harpoon somewhere, to escape.
  • Spearshot Surprise: Shoots a spear to impale enemy, and summon spears under them.
  • Push: Shoots an arrow to push someone/something. Can hurt if FS wants it to.
  • Warded Resistance: FS can FULLY resist one attack.


  • Weirdly, Jalapeno HATES ice plants with a passion. But for some reason, they both are friendly to each other.
  • Small Radish does not view FS as "neutral" (as stated on SR's page).
  • FS is a Tenor Trombone player.
    • In "One, Two, Three More Apart" (a PMRP with PvzFanatic), he turns into a Bass Trombone player.
      • This is true in the future.
  • FS is a huge closet pervert.
  • FS used to be bullied by Magnet-shroom in the first grade at school.
  • FS is the best archer in PvZRP Universe.

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